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Extending the life of your carpet with a simple shampoo

Wouldn’t it be amazing if your carpet looked as amazing as the first day you put it in? Life happens. Your carpet is trampled on with muddy shoes, dirty paws and has stains from wine, food and other unknown substances. Your carpet simply takes a beating. What if there was a way to restore your beautiful carpet back to its original glory? How? Well, take a look at professional carpet care. Not convinced this is the route for you? Take a look below and see some of the leading benefits of using a professional carpet cleaning company instead of do-it-yourself.

  • Deep down hard to reach places.

No matter what brand of vacuum you use, most of the store brands simply don’t have enough suction to remove the dirt that is embedded deeply into your carpet. However, vacuums work for what they are, getting rid of surface dirt and grime, but they don’t get the deep down nitty gritty stuff that is pressed into the fibers of the carpet. The piles.

What is a pile? Well, the piles are the very base of your carpet, the thick part that the carpet fibers and thread sticks out of. Over time dirt settles into the fibers and then works down into the piles. The amount of suction it takes to remove this dirt needs to be commercial. Commercial vacuums have the industrial strength to break up the ground in dirt and gunk that lives in the piles.

  • Get rid of those pesky stains.

Stains happen. However, they look awful. Remember when fluffy came in from outside after that massive rain shower? The lingering little muddy footprints are still marring up the carpet. How about the dinner party you had a few weeks ago when your sister spilled the red wine? It doesn’t matter what kind of stains they are. They are unsightly and can give off the misconception that you take little care of your home. No one wants that. You’ve even thought about simply tearing the carpet completely out and replacing it.

Don’t rush to the carpet store just yet. Check around your area for carpet cleaners. A good majority of the time, cleaning the carpet will be infinitely cheaper than replacing the entire room.

  • The crushing affect.

While it is almost always essential to have a vacuum if you have carpeting in your house a vacuum can actually harm your carpet if you’re not careful. How? Well, when used overly much a vacuum can crush the fibers as well as weaken them. With a professional carpet company, their vacuums have a higher distance between the floor and the vacuum. When this height is combined with the more powerful suction, your carpet comes out cleaner and not so crushed and flat.

There’s no need to let those stains, grit and grime haunt your carpet like the ghost of meals past. Simply contact a professional in your area and they will be able to keep your carpet looking as fresh as the day it was put it.

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