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Water damage in your home requires prompt, thorough treatment. Whether you have an accumulation of water in your basement from a burst pipe or water seeping at the roof line from a buildup of ice and snow, Belmont Clean + Restoration can handle any type of water damage you may be experiencing.

We provide residential water extraction and restoration service 24/7 in the entire Roaring Fork Valley region of Colorado. Call us right away if you experience any of the following water emergencies:

  • Storm damage

    Heavy wind and rain in summer can cause flooding in your home and power outages that cut service to sump pumps. Winter storms can cause pipes to freeze and burst, and snow and ice to develop at your home’s roof line, resulting in water that seeps inside. We are equipped to handle any type of storm-related water damage.

  • Basement flooding

    Flooding in your basement can occur for any number of reasons—water entering from outside due to overflowing creeks and waterways, a broken water heater or other faulty appliance, cracks in your home’s foundation, a burst pipe, an overflowing sink or toilet. We have all the right equipment to fully extract the water and restore your basement to its pre-flood condition.

  • Burst frozen pipe

    Sustained sub-freezing temperatures combined with poor insulation can lead to water freezing inside pipes,resulting in a buildup of water pressure and eventual pipe burst. We clean up the water damage that results,and extract the water and thoroughly dry the area and contents.

  • Sewer line backup

    Sewer lines can break down or back up without warning. This type of unsanitary mess requires professional cleanup and treatment. We are specially trained to handle this worst type of cleanup.

  • Faulty appliance

    With time and use, appliances such as dishwashers, clothes washers, and hot water heaters can break down and leak water everywhere. We extract the water and properly clean up the mess and the affected area.

Water damage in your home can be devastating. We understand what you’re going through. From the moment you place your emergency call to Belmont Clean + Restoration to the time we complete our water damage restoration services at your home, our trained technicians will take whatever steps are necessary to get the job done right and as quickly as possible so you and your family can return to your normal routine.

As part of Belmont Clean + Restoration's service, we:

Take precautionary steps

Upon arrival, we put on safety gear and check the electrical power to ensure there is no risk of electrocution. If water is still entering your home, we locate the source of entry and take immediate steps to stop the flooding and prevent further damage.

Extract the water

We work quickly to extract standing water. Our truck-mounted equipment is professional grade and state of the art. We also employ specialized equipment to locate other areas where water may have entered, such as behind walls or under subfloors.

Assess the damage

We perform a full assessment of the water-damaged area to determine the full extent of damage both to your home’s infrastructure, your furnishings, and your personal belongings.

Clean and restore your home

We repair structural damage your home may have suffered as a result of the flooding, and provide full renovation services to restore your property to its pre-damage condition.

Clean up your property and belongings

Once the water is extracted, we remove items that can be salvaged for thorough drying and restoration. We properly dispose of belongings and structural items that were destroyed or contaminated by the water damage. Our cleaning method involves the use of only people- and animal-friendly products, and thoroughly decontaminates, sanitizes, and deodorizes.

Identify the flood water

Flood water in your home, regardless of the cause, must be categorized according to industry standards. This identification considers the water source and levels of contaminants and bacteria present, and is the information we need to determine the proper method of treatment and cleaning.

Dry the area and structure

Our heavy-duty fans and air movers work hard to dry the water-damaged area. We use moisture-detection equipment and drying panels to ensure all water and moisture is eliminated from the affected area, paying close attention to dark or hidden areas where there is a potential for mold to grow.

Document extent of damage

For insurance and other purposes we document how much water damage you sustained. We examining the amount of water—a small amount in one corner or inches flooding the entire basement?—andlevel of dampness. We check the entire area—floors and subfloors, carpets and padding, walls, and insulation.

You deserve nothing less than the highest standards of work and service—Belmont Clean + Restoration’s standards. You get:

Don’t waste another minute when flood, storm, or other water damage strikes. If you’re in the Roaring Fork Valley communities of Aspen, Snowmass Village, Woody Creek, Basalt, Carbondale, Glenwood Springs, New Castle, Eagle, Avon, Edwards, or Vail, call Belmont Clean + Restoration for all your residential water damage restoration needs.

Belmont Clean + Restoration is a family-owned and managed disaster cleanup and restoration company servicing homes and businesses in Colorado’s Roaring Fork Valley area.

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