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Burst Pipe Emergency: Quick Response and Water Damage Mitigation

When pipes burst due to freezing or some other reason, the damage that results can be extensive. Water spills onto floors and seeps into carpets and subfloors; it penetrates walls, furniture, and other items in the area; and can even come through ceilings. Full extraction of the water and drying of the area is necessary if you are to avoid longer-term problems such as structural damage or an infestation from mold and mildew.

If you are experiencing a burst pipe, call the experts at Belmont Clean + Restoration right away. We are water damage restoration experts covering the entire Roaring Fork Valley region in Colorado. And,because we understand water damage problems can occur anytime—day or night—we are available to take your emergency call 24/7.

What Causes a Pipe to Burst?

Pipes in your plumbing system can break down for several reasons – the age of the pipes, how well they were installed, or if some other failure or event occurs to damage the pipe or cause a buildup of water pressure that results in the eventual bursting of the pipe.

What Happens When Pipes Freeze?

Most people believe it is the pipe that freezes and bursts, while it is the water pressure inside the pipe that causes the rupture. Cold weather and improper or insufficient insulation can cause the water inside pipes to freeze, especially if the pipes have not been winterized, they run along an outside wall, or there is little to no heat in the area. Even a crack in the building foundation or along roof lines can allow cold air to flow through and reach nearby pipes. Prolonged exposure to an outside temperature of just 20˚ Fahrenheit is enough to freeze the water inside pipes. And, when water freezes in one location, pressure builds up down the line from water that is unable to flow freely through the pipe, and causes the pipe to burst.

How does Belmont Clean + Restoration help?

We understand that you may be overwhelmed by the circumstances, and uncertain where to start. The Belmont Clean + Restoration team of experts is fully trained in emergency water extraction and damage restoration, and we do what is needed to restore your property to its predamage condition and give you peace of mind in the process.

Using our proven, multi-step process, we:

Our Professional Approach and Highly Trained Technicians

Our courteous technicians arrive in easily identifiable company trucks and wear clean, neat uniforms. Starting with our first handshake, we work quickly, striving at all times to do the best job possible for every client while also working to restore each property to its pre-water-damage condition. We want to minimize disruptions, and ensure that you, your family, and your pets return to a safe, clean home.

Belmont Clean + Restoration’s technicians are among the most highly trained in the country. We receive certifications from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification— the IICRC—which is widely recognized as the organization that set the standards for the cleaning and restoration industry.

But we at Belmont Clean + Restoration have standards of our own, and they apply to every customer in every instance. We understand what you are going through and want you to be 100% satisfied with the job we do to clean up whatever amount of damage you sustain from a burst or frozen pipe.

At the first sign of water damage from a burst or frozen pipe, call Belmont Clean + Restoration. If you are located in the Roaring Fork Valley area of Colorado, including Aspen, Snowmass Village, Woody Creek, Basalt, Carbondale, Glenwood Springs, New Castle, Eagle, Avon, Edwards, and Vail, we are available to take your emergency call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our professionals can handle whatever water damage problem you have.

Belmont Clean + Restoration is a family-owned and managed disaster cleanup and restoration company servicing homes and businesses in Colorado’s Roaring Fork Valley area.

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