What our happy clients say

“Belmont Clean is the best service we have used. We have two rental properties in Aspen, plus our home, and we use Belmont Clean for all of them–we have for years.”

The work was completed quickly and with good quality. The cleaning team was very knowledgeable and helpful.”

“We were very pleased with the job done by Belmont Clean. We like jobs done correctly and the cleaning service provided to us was done 150%. Thank you.”

“The carpet looks like new! It’s a good feeling to come home to… and that is reinforced knowing your product is environmentally friendly.”

“We’ve been using [Belmont Clean] about three years now, and we really like it. It’s fast. It’s better than any other methods we’ve used as far as getting the carpets cleaned, and doesn’t use a lot of water, so the carpet doesn’t have to dry for a long time.”

“I had my carpet cleaned before and thought it was ok but not great. Your method is a big improvement over the other cleaning processes, and I am very pleased with the results. I will call again when cleaning is necessary, and will recommend your services to friends.”

“Joel Belmont’s system has worked well at Smuggler Racquet Club and at my home. The carpet is always clean without being wet and having the odor we had with other cleaning systems. I have used Belmont Clean for four years, and will continue to use them.”

“Thanks for cleaning my carpets so well and for leaving a solution for me to clean up spots with. Your attention to the care of my carpets is wonderful. Also, I appreciate that you show up when you say you will and call if you will be late!”

“Thanks so much for such a fantastic job on our carpets. The spot cleaner you left works so much better than any of the other cleaners I’ve used. Thanks again!”

“Professional. Fairly Quiet. Unobtrusive.”

“We have two kids and two dogs that are very hard on carpet. Belmont Clean does an amazing job on our area rugs and carpet. They are thorough and trustworthy, and our carpet is as good as new after they clean.”

“Thank you for an excellent job. Your employees couldn’t be more helpful or nice!”

“There is NO comparison to the service and the results that I received from Belmont Clean. I am a painter, with a dog and two cats. We all practically live in my painting studio, which has white carpet (it was previously a bedroom). It is impossible to keep clean–and once it is dirty (and it can get really bad) I never believe that they can get it clean–and then it’s snowy white again! I would never use ANY other service. Plus, their product is not toxic for me or the animals–a BIG consideration. They are always agreeable, on time, and fast–and reasonably priced.”

“I can’t thank you enough for your superior work in cleaning our household carpeting! With our two pugs and our two-year old boy, it’s important to keep them nice and clean because we spend much of our time playing on them. We appreciate your friendly, courteous and responsible work, and I would recommend your services to anyone.”

“We have used Belmont Clean for several years now, and appreciate their dependable, courteous and friendly services, as well as the great cleaning they provide. Our carpets, oriental rugs and furniture always come out looking like new again. We particularly like the fact that they use products that are people and pet friendly, and that everything is not wet when they leave. We obviously recommend their services.”

“I sincerely appreciate the thoroughness of Belmont Clean. Even my grubby front hall was left sparkling. These are true professionals!” 

“They are very responsive–doing their best to fit your job in. Their work is top-notch, and truly does a better, more thorough cleaning than other companies. And it really does last longer than companies that use soap. The carpets look like new when they are finished. They are fair, and they care about the quality of their work.”

“I am very impressed with Belmont Clean! They provided excellent service and are extremely detail oriented. I am particularly pleased with their ability to effectively treat pet stains–being a household with two puppies and two cats we certainly provided them with a challenge!”

“Our main concern was being able to find a cleaning company who would show up–and you followed through on the same day we called! Our second was service. The runners and stairs look great! Thank you!”

“My carpets look and feel great! I love the way this system cleans… so quiet… no noisy machines! I recommend this company fully!”

I love your work–made my carpet look like new! I will recommend you any day!”

“I had the carpets in my son’s house cleaned a week ago and they are still talking about how good the carpets look and how soft they feel. It was worth every penny I spent to have the carpets cleaned. I really do appreciate your promptness in coming out on such short notice.” 

“We were very pleased with Belmont Clean. They were on-time, thorough and quick. The carpet looked great, and there was no sticky residue, which has been a problem in the past. The carpet dried faster than usual, and there were no lingering odors. Our pets did not experience any adverse effects, which was also a previous problem. Thank you for a great job!”

“Belmont Clean has been diligent in cleaning–they removed a stubborn spot two feet by one foot. I feel very good about recommending them.”

“We are very satisfied with Belmont Clean! They arrived on time, giving a clear simple explanation of the five step process they use. Later in the afternoon our carpet was dry, fresh (not perfumey at all) and without any spots. We will definitely call again! “

“I am happy to recommend Belmont Clean for their professionalism and care in making things look great! They just cleaned my sectional sofa and it looks great–almost like new after a tough little stint with a six year old and a little white dog! I am quite certain that you will be pleased with their work.”  

“This was our first experience with Belmont Clean, although we have had carpets professionally cleaned for years. I was pleasantly surprised at the lack of chemical smell. The carpet was thoroughly cleaned without leaving our condo smelling like chemicals.”

“I have used several carpet cleaning services over the years, but I have never been so pleased as with the results I’ve had with Belmont Clean. We have an off-white carpet in our home. Living in the mountains, we track in lots of dirt and gravel, especially in winter. Before, when I’ve used steam cleaning methods, I experienced several problems. First, the professionals would have to treat and re-treat the dirt spots. With steam cleaning, this would make the carpet quite soggy, and on a couple of occasions, the dampness got through to the under floor, causing new squeaks to develop where the floor once was quiet to walk on. Second, even with a Teflon treatment, the carpet would pick up new dirt very quickly. With Belmont Clean, the spots have come out quickly, we have been able to wait longer between cleanings, and the carpet dries quickly, often in just a couple of hours. We’re so glad we found you!”

“Excellent Job!! They work fast and the products used are pet, child and eco friendly. They come Highly Recommended!! Thanks for a great looking carpet… it looks like new again.”

“I highly recommend Belmont Clean. Joel and his associates are reliable, responsible, and miracle workers when it comes to removing tough carpet stains.”

“Nice people. Carpets look beautiful–and no chemical smell. Very fair prices.”

“Belmont Clean exceeded our expectations. Excellent service, with impressive results. We would highly recommend them.”

“The Belmont team is by far the best carpet cleaners I’ve ever used, in the Roaring Fork valley & beyond. They’re professional, courteous, timely, and most importantly my carpet looks like new when they’re done! I don’t know what the magical ‘Belmont Method’ really is, but it really does work wonders!!”

“I was very pleased with your carpet cleaning. I had multiple dog stains and every one of them came clean!! I was very impressed and will use your service again. Thank you.”

“I PROMISE I will never try to clean the carpet myself again! I just made it worse! My boss thought “it was terminal”. With your system, even old stains came out of the carpet. Thank you for saving the carpet (and my job?) you are my superhero!!”

“The fact that Belmont Clean is “GREEN” was an incentive to have a demo. Once I saw the quality of work, I had the rest of the rooms cleaned. There is no chemical smell afterwards, no soggy carpets, no hoses or diesel trucks idling in the driveway – I will recommend and continue to use Belmont Clean for my home.”

“Belmont Clean is a quality company. I would trust them with the finest of fabrics.”

“I am a property manager in the Roaring Fork Valley and have just recently started working with Belmont Clean Carpet Care. After having used them on several different homes, I would like to say that Belmont is very thorough, professional, and detail oriented. I especially like the fact that they use an environmentally friendly approach to carpet and upholstery cleaning. They are also great about educating the client on all the aspects of carpet care and their customer service has been excellent. I have no problems recommending them to anyone who needs a great cleaning service.”

“I use the Belmont system for getting my carpets cleaned. They are very professional. I’ve been using them for 8-9 years. I’ve also used the other guys before that… after they left the carpet would look great but as it dried the stains would reappear. That does not happen with Belmont Clean. It’s a great system. I’ll continue using them and will have them back next year to have my carpets cleaned.”

“Belmont Clean did an extremely good job cleaning the carpeting. The “miracle” was the “Belmont Cleaner” that totally removed a glass of red wine stain. Thanks again!”

“The carpet cleaning was great! You are efficient and very personable. I was impressed especially with the grease stain you completely removed–I didn’t think it could be done! Also, fabric softener (I spilled a lot) you also removed it! The carpet looks like new. We would recommend your services to anyone and will do so!”

“I have used Belmont Clean four times to clean carpet and furniture in my home. They have done an excellent job and have been professional and efficient. I recommend them.”

“You guys were great! I really like the fact that this method leaves no residue and the carpets feel good in bare feet!” 

“Thank you so much! Everything turned out great and dried fast. I know it was really dirty, with animals and everyday traffic. We are very happy with the job. I will be telling everyone and give them your number. Thanks again.”

“Continental Property Management is finally able to offer a healthy alternative for carpet cleaning. You guys are the best. Prompt, reliable, conscientious, and CLEAN!! Thank you.”

“Belmont Clean is simply the best! I’ve used other carpet cleaners in the past and now that I’ve used Belmont Clean I will stick with them forever more. With their system, my carpet gets cleaner and stays cleaner longer. I love the service and the quality, and I highly recommend them.” 

“Very professional and thoroughly done… great work. I would highly recommend their services.”

“Belmont Clean is the highest quality and safest, healthiest company I’ve found. I’m always happy with the results.”

“I am the Director of the Aspen Animal Shelter. I love dogs. I live with three dogs. They shed everywhere. Belmont Clean removes all of the fur in my carpet and eliminates any and all stains. I’ve used a lot of carpet leaners. Belmont Clean is by far the best from the greeting to the end result of a clean carpet.”

“Thank you–you did an excellent job, as you did before. Your first visit, you cleaned my daughter’s cream colored carpet, and it is still spot-free. Your recent second visit, my dog had left a blood stain (from a surgery) and it was huge. My husband was convinced we were going to have to replace the carpet. You came and not only got the spot removed completely, but our carpet looks new! You have my loyalty as a customer. I think the most impressive part is the spots do not seem to come back like all the other companies I have used. Thanks again!”

“I really like working with Joel. He does not use any toxic chemicals, the house doesn’t smell after cleaning, and the carpet looks great! If a spot doesn’t come out, Joel is very responsive and works to make sure it does come out. I highly recommend Belmont Clean!”

“Belmont Clean was completely professional from the first phone call to the last detail–their service is outstanding. We appreciate the green factor in their cleaning methods, and our house has no odor upon completion. We even took their advice in buying new carpet for our place and are very happy with the results. We will recommend Belmont Clean to all our neighbors and friends.”  

“We wanted to send this note of how impressed we were with your service and product. While you were working on our carpets, you still took time out to answer our questions about your product and application. The best item was the result!! We have had other carpet cleaners come in before but they could never bring back the new look, let alone get the spots out. After your treatment, we realized we will not have to replace our carpets because now they look new! Thank you.”

“I appreciated many aspects of your service. It is refreshing to experience politeness, courtesy and professionalism, not to mention a very clean carpet! Thank you.”

“Belmont Clean has taken care of my carpets for five years. They are by far the most superior service I have used. The Belmont System does not leave a soapy residue to that would attract dirt. Both Joel and Lili are efficient, honest and industrious. I highly recommend the Belmont System.”

“I have been a customer of Belmont Clean for the last 5 years and use their services 2-3 times per year. I can HIGHLY recommend them. We have severe pet stain problems from our cats and have tried other companies, but nobody does the job like they do. The carpets come out looking virtually brand new and they are reliable, efficient and professional.”  

“Our daughter treated us to the carpet cleaning which she could see we really needed. Belmont Clean was very pleasant and professional. Now the carpet looks as good as new and ready for company. Thank you very much.” 

“Belmont Clean cleaned my carpets and they look terrific! They got out old pet stains that had been there through several previous cleaners. I have several kids and pets and my carpets have never looked better. They also did a great job on our rental properties. They do quality work!” 

“Great job, will call you again!” 

“Your technician was very nice and did a great job for us!” 

“You did a fantastic job. Thank you!”

“Belmont Clean has cleaned the carpets and upholstery in the homes that I manage for at least four years now. I have always been very happy with their results. I especially love that the method they use does not require the typical hoses through an outside door and throughout where they are working. Having an outside door open brings in the cold, dirt and outside critters. Once, a neighbors dog walked right in. Just as important is having the Belmont Clean technicians in my homes. They are a pleasure to work with, professional, reliable, and bring excellent attitudes and smiles. They are well studied and knowledgeable in their trade. They have dealt with a wide range of stains. One of the homes is a rental property. We get all sorts of stains, many unknown, from people and dogs, that they are able to remove. They make my job easier, and that’s a big yeah!”

“My experience with Belmont Clean was refreshing as they performed the cleaning quickly and so efficiently, were careful with our furniture and came just when they said they would.” 

“Professional, competent, good-looking and not even the least bit malodorous. I would recommend these people to my rabbi if I were of that persuasion, which I am. Let these people go! To work on your carpet, that is.”

“We’ve been using Belmont Clean for 2 1/2 years. We have carpets that are 15 years old, and when they are done, they look like brand new. I have a lot of traffic with grandkids spilling stuff, and they do a great job cleaning.”

“Belmont Clean did a fabulous job on some very dirty carpets. I think they are excellent.”

“Very nice… the cleaning lasts a long time, and they are very friendly.”

“After moving into my town house, I was disgusted by the carpeting and felt it needed to be replaced. My landlord said “no” and I had it cleaned 3 times with no satisfactory result. My friend suggested calling Belmont Clean. I did and was amazed by how clean they got the carpets. Also, you can come home and the carpet is not wet for 24 hours. I would highly recommend Belmont Clean to everyone!” 

“I must tell you that I was surprised and pleased with your cleaning! I honestly thought that I would need a new rug. The job was done on time and on budget. You are a true professional.” 

“Time and again, what an amazing job you have done. From a sick dog to an extremely messy two year old, there is nothing you haven’t been able to make disappear (and never come back). It is because of your work that I can stop worrying about and carpet disaster that life throws on our floor. Thank you!”

“Thanks for an excellent cleaning on our carpet. It looks so good, almost like new, and you were in and out quickly. Good job!”

“Thanks for a beautiful job, and for being on-time, and finishing work in such a short time. I’ll recommend Belmont Clean, just as it was recommended to me.” 

“We were very pleased with the carpet cleaning job that Belmont Clean did for us. It was thorough, and our carpet looks like new!”

“I was impressed with the service I received from Belmont Clean. My carpet was cleaned with quiet efficiency. No chemical smell. No horrible racket. And the results were great! I would recommend Belmont Clean to anyone–especially those concerned with keeping their home environment safe for their pets and children. Thank you!”

“I have and will continue to use Belmont Clean because they do an excellent job on my carpet and furniture. They are thorough, organized, and pleasant to have around.”

“The service that I have had with Belmont Clean has been superb. They always get the job done fast and with great care. I highly recommend them for any carpet or furniture needs!”

“Joel did a superb cleaning. I recommend him for his knowledge and excellent work.” 

“Great job! Friendly service! I will use them again.”

“The carpets looked great!”  

“I was very pleased with the way the carpet turned out.”

“Prompt response to an emergency call. Arrived on time and did an excellent job.”

“I have lived in the Roaring Fork Valley for 12 years and had opportunities to use various carpet and upholstery cleaners. My experience with Belmont Clean’s customer service and results has been exceptional. Their system has worked wonders on our carpets and upholstery and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who wants a safe and thorough cleaning”

“We just had our carpets cleaned by Belmont Clean. Our carpets are much cleaner and healthier. We had dog stains that we thought were not able to be removed and they are totally gone now. We are really pleased with their service.”

“Thank you for doing a fantastic job. My stained carpet looks like new. I will certainly recommend your services to anyone I know.”

“Thanks for a great job. We appreciate your commitment to a job well done and the environment. We’ll pass your name on.” 

“It was a pleasure doing business with you. You were very professional and fast. Thank you again for all your help.” 

“I’ve gone through three carpet cleaners. Each one would clean the carpets, and then the spots would come back. The cleaning that Belmont Clean provided was the best I’ve ever had. The spots came out and never came back. They’re the best in the valley!” 

“Thank you! The best money I’ve ever spent on carpet/upholstery cleaning! I feel like we just bought new couches. Not only is the workmanship excellent, you guys truly care about your customers. Thank you!” 

“[After another carpet cleaning system was used] it looked like, in a week or two, that we had never cleaned our carpets. When Belmont Clean was used on our carpets, they removed that remaining soap [from previous cleanings].”

“It’s important to me when I hire someone to come into my house that I feel comfortable with them, that they are trustworthy and that the work I am hiring them to do is done as well as it can be done. Anytime I have needs for getting my carpets cleaned, I feel really good about calling Belmont Clean and recommending their business to my friends.”

“I thought I had to buy new carpet for my stairway. The carpet just wouldn’t come clean. I had had the carpet professionally cleaned before but the stairs always came out looking old and dirty. Belmont Clean had my carpet looking new again. I have yet to find the stain that they can’t remove.”

“The carpet looks fabulous… amazingly better… thank you very much!”

“Belmont Clean is a very thorough cleaning process. The results are excellent.”

“I used other cleaners, and they just left bigger spots. Your system works. It really works! It’s so much better!”

“Belmont Clean did an exceptional job. Very thorough, and the carpet looks wonderful–like new!”

“I found Belmont Clean to be very quick, thorough, clean and nice to have in my home. I would recommend them and use them again.”

“Belmont Clean prooved itself to be the right choice. Exceptionally thorough, beautiful results, and respectful of the many antiques they had to work around.”

“Great service! Looks gorgeous… almost like new!”

“Belmont Clean did a great job on our old carpets which had some damage from a sick dog. The carpets look like new.”

“Belmont Clean did a great job. The carpets look great and they were very efficient and professional. I would recommend them highly.”

“Great job!! Thanks Joel.”

“I loved how clean my house looked after Belmont Clean cleaned my carpet and couch. Everything looks so nice. Thank you.”

“Your cleaning job was excellent. The carpets even look happier. Also, you did a great job of cleaning Bob’s chair. We’re both very pleased with your work.”

“We have had our carpets cleaned by Belmont Clean for 10 Years. Their cleaning method is exceptionally effective and we like the lack of hard chemicals.”

“I don’t have a lot of experience with carpet cleaners. However, I’m happy with what you did. It’s good to know that it’s free of harmful chemicals, and dirt-attracting soap. Thanks!”

Belmont Clean + Restoration is a family-owned and managed disaster cleanup and restoration company servicing homes and businesses in Colorado’s Roaring Fork Valley area.

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