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Easy Tips to Train Your Puppy to Reduce Carpet Damage to Your Home

Anyone who has ever taken in a new puppy knows that the addition comes with a lot of excitement, love, and care. But with the added entertainment of a new lovable addition to the family, all new puppy owners go through an important early phase of training. Not only is this crucial for the puppy, it is also important to reduce any potential carpet damage to your home. This carpet damage can be reduced if you simply follow our tips below.

  • Chewing habits:

One of the biggest ways that animals like puppies can damage furniture is through chewing. However, as chewing is an important part of the development of any puppy, and so it is only natural that the puppy starts chewing on parts of the house, such as furniture. The puppy may even need be doing it as a result of its teething process. However, with careful training, you can avoid harming your furniture.

  • How to reduce chewing habits:

Chewing habits can be easily reduced using practices such as strongly telling the puppy to stop using word commandments, and distancing the puppy from the object being chewed, by buying objects like specially made chew toys, especially for teething puppies. You can also use Pet Deterrent Sprays, which can be bought and sprayed onto the parts of the furniture that the puppy chews on most. They create an odor than repel the puppy, and hence protect the furniture.

  • Potty training:

The process of potty training can be a difficult time for both the owner and the puppy and if not done properly, can make a lot of mess in the home. However, you can easily avoid carpet damages using the following techniques, provided that they are followed with a lot of patience and care.

  • Potty training using encouragements:

Positive encouragements, like praise when the puppy starts to potty outside, can be used to effectively train the puppy. On the other hand, when the puppy misbehaves and goes inside, the owner should use commands to indicate to them to go outside. If done right, the correct word commandments used with encouragement can help you train your puppy and save your indoor furniture and carpeting at the same time.

  • Potty training and age:

Although most puppies can be effectively potty trained, sometimes the process can be affected by the puppy’s age. At different ages, the puppies have different levels of control over themselves and so it is important to consider that before you start training the puppy.

  • Potty training using kennels:

One way to encourage potty training in puppies is by putting them into an appropriately sized kennel, as puppies tend to avoid creating messes where they are supposed to sleep. The potty training of the puppies will be most efficient when the puppy’s kennel is not too large, as that will give the puppy space where it can go potty. The kennel also shouldn’t be so small that the puppy can’t move around in it.

Once you’ve used these simple tips while training your new puppy, you will definitely notice a change, especially if they are done with positive encouragement and lots of love. Not only can you train your puppy, but you can also protect your furniture and carpeting as you do it!

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