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Preventing water damage in the home

Each year homeowners suffer tens of thousands of dollars in water damage from preventable causes. Following these easy tips could save you from being a statistic. By practicing these 3 prevention tips, you can put a stop to many problems. Many of the common sources of water damage boil down to three categories; appliances with faulty hosing or clogged drains, water pipes that aren’t protected from the elements, and a leaky roof .  Often these problems go unnoticed until it is too late. These tips for water damage prevention will help cut your risks.


The number one cause of preventable water damage in homes is faulty appliances. Units like dishwashers, ice makers, and ‘washers” can develop problems that remain hidden until it is too late. The rubber hoses and plastic tubing can become brittle over time get vibrated loose from a fitting.  Hoses should be examined and changed if suffering splits or weak spots, and fittings should be checked regularly as well. Even small leaks can cause water damage over time. Without routine checks these leaks can go unnoticed until they reach emergency status.


Water trapped in hoses and pipes expands as it freezes. This force exerted is often enough to rupture pipes and split hoses. Even in mild winters you can experience a freeze.  Make sure you insulate your pipes. It can be done quickly, easily, and with little cost.  You can buy insulated sleeves that slip over pipes or use newspaper or old sheets and duct tape to do the trick.  Disconnect hoses from the spigot if possible, and drain all water. Remember, one freezing night could cost you thousands in repairs. If you live in a cold area or you don’t typically heat your basement, remember to wrap pipes there as well. While external pipes are at the most risk for freezing, pipes against outer walls can freeze as well. A flooded basement can ruin everything stored there, and Mold prevention becomes an uphill battle.


Roof leaks can be difficult to detect that is why regular roof inspections can help prevent water damage to your attic, roof, and interior walls. Most times roof leaks are not detected until the damage is extensive. Regularly perform interior checks of your topmost rooms during the winter months. Look for signs of mold, dampness, or discoloration on the walls, floors, and ceiling. A roofing professional can do an inspection, and immediately fix any damages found.

It’s important you stay on top of your home’s maintenance by regularly inspecting your roof. Examine all pipes and hoses, wrap your pipes in cold weather, and check your appliances on a regular basis.  Preventing water damage requires diligence and consistency. Water damage prevention works best when done on a regular schedule.   By remaining a proactive homeowner, you reduce the odds of water damage and can possibly save yourself thousands of dollars in repairs, and the massive headache of a damaged home.

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