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Have your carpets and rugs lost their original beauty and appearance? Have they become unsanitary traps for dust, dirt, and allergens? Have they been subject to excessive soiling from flooding, smoke, or other damage? If you answered yes to any of these questions, call Belmont Clean + Restoration right away. We provide the most thorough carpet cleaning service available in Colorado’s entire Roaring Fork Valley region.

Dirt and damage to rugs can occur over time or overnight, making them look dingy and dull. With our proven 5-step process, however, you will see clean, brilliant carpets in no time at all. In fact, our revolutionary carpet-cleaning process is so effective, we guarantee it will safely and thoroughly remove all the soil, allergens, and bacteria from your carpet, and restore it to its original luster. 

When it comes to cleaning carpets, Belmont Clean + Restoration works to high standards.

  • We put our years of 5-star rated expertise and know-how to work for you, with beautiful results that extend the investment you’ve made in your home furnishings.
  • Our method results in carpets that stay cleaner 3-4 longer, and leaves no soap residue – that dirt magnet that means you need more frequent cleanings.
  • Our cleaning products are non-toxic and hypo-allergenic – safe for humans and animals alike.
  • We use only green processes, including Green Seal Certified products that are 100% eco-friendly and leave behind no soap residue or harsh chemical treatments.
  • Our technicians are highly qualified – with certifications from the standard-setting IICRC – the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification.
  • The dirt and liquid lifted from your rug is never visible to you. It travels directly from your property to our truck, so you never have to worry about the dirty water ending up anywhere else on your property.
  • We back our carpet cleaning service with a warranty and 100% money back guarantee.

Customers love the results they see with Belmont Clean + Restoration’s unique, 5-step carpet cleaning process.

  1. Vacuum – After our initial carpet inspection, we move smaller pieces of furniture out of the way and protect larger pieces of furniture that cannot be moved with protective pads or covering. We then vacuum the entire area with a commercial-grade extractor to remove all abrasives, allergens, and dust.
  2. Spray – Next, we apply our specialized cleaning product and let it penetrate to the base of the carpet pile.
  3. Agitate – Using a rotary agitator, we go over the entire carpet. Through agitation, we lift the carpet knap for thorough cleaning—to loosen and liquefy ground-in dirt, allergens, and soil.
  4. Soil removal – We use specialty cotton pads to lift and absorb the liquefied soil from the carpet.
  5. Groom – We groom the carpet and leave the knap lying in one direction to facilitate the drying process. And, because we used only enough moisture to remove the soil, your carpet will dry within a matter of just a few hours.

Beyond the basics of living in a clean, safe environment and taking proper care of expensive home furnishings, our professionals know there are plenty of other reasons to call Belmont Clean + Restoration for carpet cleaning. We have the experience to take care of any of the following:

  • Emergency carpet cleaning due to water damage from flooding
  • Remove smoke and other stubborn odors
  • Eliminate stains and odors from pets and humans
  • Infestation from mold and mildew
  • Cleaning in apartments between tenants
  • High-traffic areas of carpeting in places of business such as a doctor’s office

You will recognize Belmont Clean + Restoration by our fleet of modern trucks and courteous, uniformed employees. Once we arrive onsite, we explain our process in full detail so you know exactly what to expect. We remain focused on the job to ensure we do it right, working as quickly and efficiently as possible to clean and restore your carpets to their original look and beauty. And, we support your insurance claims process by providing detailed documentation about our process.

When it’s time to have your carpets cleaned, trust Belmont Clean + Restoration to do the job right for you. Our knowledgeable customer service professionals are available in the communities of Aspen, Snowmass Village, Woody Creek, Basalt, Carbondale, Glenwood Springs, New Castle, Eagle, Avon, Edwards, Vail, and elsewhere in the Roaring Fork Valley to help with all your carpet cleaning needs, from scheduling an appointment that’s convenient to you to providing tips and recommendations for the proper care and treatment of your carpet.