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Furniture Cleaning


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Over time, furniture that was once clean and spotless can pick up stains and odors, and the fabric and upholstery can look dull and dingy. Food crumbs, dirt from shoes, pet hair, drink spills, and more affect the overall look and quality of your furnishings. Dust mites and other allergens mean your furniture is unhygienic and unhealthy.

Most people occasionally vacuum their furniture or spot-treat spills as they occur, but this basic cleaning is not enough. Did you know that furniture manufacturers recommend professional cleaning for fabrics and upholstery every 12 to 24 months?Belmont Clean + Restoration understands this, and is available to handle all your residential and commercial furniture cleaning needs in the entire Roaring Fork Valley area.

The professionals at Belmont Clean + Restoration are trained and equipped to handle any type of furniture cleaning, from routine cleaning and maintenance of sofas, chairs, and mattresses, to specialized furniture cleaning after an emergency event that caused excessive soiling – such as flooding and water damage or smoke and ash residue from a fire.

The benefits to having your furniture professionally cleaned are many – not the least of which is that you will love the look and feel of your furniture all over again.

Belmont Clean + Restoration’s professional furniture cleaning means:

  • Dirty, dull furniture is brought back to life and its original beauty and colors brightened.
  • Furniture will be safe, sanitary, and refreshed – free of stains and odors, allergens and dust mites.
  • Our cleaning goes deep into fabric fibers, so you know it is thorough.
  • Furniture dries quickly and leaves no residue – which lets you get back to your normal living routine more quickly.
  • You protect your investment in your home and your furnishings, and extend the life of your furniture.

Belmont Clean + Restoration is licensed, bonded, and insured. Our furniture cleaning technicians are certified by the IICRC – the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification organization that sets the industry standards. Our proven process ensures furniture fabric and upholstery end up fully cleaned and refreshed.

  • We fully inspect the furniture beforehand, so we know the type of upholstery fabric we’ll be cleaning – and plan our cleaning process accordingly.
  • Next we prep the furniture by vacuuming it to loosen and remove particles, soil, and other items.
  • Depending on the type of fabric and the amount of dirt and stains to be cleaned, we apply just the right amount of cleaning solution by hand, ensuring we pay extra attention to individual spots – and, if necessary, we retreat stains and spots that were not lifted on the first treatment.
  • Our professional-grade equipment works to extract the dirt and allergens from the fabric fibers and remove it directly to our truck.
  • Our final step is to groom the upholstery fabric – this helps with the drying process and also restores the look of your furniture to its original beauty.
  • If requested, we apply fabric protector treatment, which helps prevent new stains from setting in the fabric.

When you hire Belmont Clean + Restoration, you can trust that your satisfaction is guaranteed. We work to the highest of standards and pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. Once onsite, we remain focused on you and on the job at hand, and work quickly and efficiently to minimize the disruption to your home or work routine.

We let you know upfront exactly what to expect. And, if the furniture cleaning is due to an emergency event such as smoke or water damage, we support your insurance claims process by providing full documentation and photos to substantiate your reimbursement claim.

In addition, Belmont Clean + Restoration:

  • Puts our years of experience to work and gives you superior results.
  • Employs proven methods, procedures, products, and solutions that are people and animal-safe, and earth friendly.
  • Performs the work to the best of our ability and training.
  • Has a clean, modern fleet of trucks, and uses professional-grade state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Provides free estimates and offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

For your home or business to continually present a clean and healthy environment that is safe for everyone, including babies and children, regular professional cleaning of your furniture and upholstery is a must. Or, if your furniture has been soiled or stained as a result of some extreme event, only professional cleaning will ensure the upholstery and fabric is thoroughly cleaned and restored to usable conditions. If you’re in the communities of Aspen, Snowmass Village, Woody Creek, Basalt, Carbondale, Glenwood Springs, New Castle, Eagle, Avon, Edwards, Vail, or elsewhere in the Roaring Fork Valley region of Colorado, call Belmont Clean + Restoration today for all your residential and commercial furniture cleaning and restoration needs.